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E-training for advanced physical and mental wellbeing

Master keys

Satyadev Barman
Four pillars for your liberation


Dorothe Trassl
Trauma release body work for warriors

Dogma detox

Arnold Timmerman
Unlearning your limiting beliefs

Are you ready to reach the next level of your SELF?

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TURN ON Self-Love retreat with Satyadev Barman is for those ready to take the deeper journey within, to dive and bring out the jewels hiding in your own soul.

Welcome to discover the ancient tools of the sages, spiritual seekers and awakened beings, used over thousands of years to break free from human conditioning into the freedom of Being.

This is an 8 day retreat in the beginning of November, 2019 in magical Bali, Indonesia.

”In my journeys to the mysteries of life, I have discovered that in any given situation, no matter how dark it gets, there’s always great humour to be found. If I don’t see it, I known I don’t have the whole picture – that there’s more than meets the eye. There’s a beautiful, cosmic joke waiting to be discovered. This why I only trust teachers that are funny.”
“Satyadev is one of those beings whose presence makes You feel lifted. He points you straight to your heart with simple, yet deep wisdom.”

E-MOTION trauma release for the warriors of light is for those who are ready to fully clear their cellular consciousness from trauma, pain and hurt on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

Dorothe Trassl, our teacher on this journey, is going to guide us through the extraordinary techniques of advanced body work: cellular trauma release, shaking, emotional release, gentle yoga, breath work and floating.

This is an 8-day retreat in the beginning of December, 2019 in magical Bali, Indonesia.

”An unbelievably beautiful experience in a magical place. I feel truly blessed to have been in this tribe, guided by an amazing master, Dorothe – gratitude for holding the space in such love + grace.”
“Beautiful Powerful Integrated work – that opens for ever – to life! Dorothe’s work is profound and smooth at the same time. She creates such a beautiful raw, natural and organic space that my body just connect and feels deeply familiar with. Marinated in this love and trust I was touched from the inside by a deeper permission to let go and to open to life, to truth, to the deepest essence off what is me. She has a unique gift to the world!”

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